Prepare for the Interview

  • Research the department or business. Check their website and familiarize yourself with the mission statement. Take note of the purpose of the department.
  • Review the job description and your list of previous work experience and skills. Create a list of your skills that are applicable to the position. Think about how you can apply them to the job for which you are interviewing. Be prepared to demonstrate to the employer how you can use these skills in the current job and why you are the best candidate.

Interviewing Tips

  • Be early to the interview. Allow yourself enough time to find the interview location, and plan to arrive about 5-10 minutes early. If you have a resume, take copies to the interview. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and smile. Remember that the interview starts the moment you walk into the office.
  • Be confident about your abilities and be prepared to give examples of work you’ve done in the past. An employer might ask, “Give me an example where you showed initiative in a previous job or project.”
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm or interest in the position. Let the employer know that you are excited about the opportunity and that you are willing to learn new skills.
  • You will usually be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. Be prepared to ask questions; some examples would be about the job’s specific responsibilities, the department or opportunities.
  • It’s ok to ask about what will happen next in the hiring process. It’s reasonable to ask when a decision will be reached and when/how you will be contacted. Make a note of it and be sure to follow up based on the employer’s response.

Dress to Impress at the Interview

  • Most employers do not expect prospective student employees to go “full professional” in terms of dress. However, you can convey a personal sense of confidence and respect for the workplace by how you present yourself.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview. You do not have to dress formally, but avoid flip-flops, T-shirts, tank tops/spaghetti strap or tube tops, clothing that reveals your underwear, extra short skirts or shorts, ball caps, any clothing with suggestive slogans, and excessive or noisy jewelry. At a minimum, you should be well groomed and your clothes should be cleaned and pressed.

After the Interview

  • Be persistent and follow up after an interview. Thank the interviewer and re-affirm your interest in the job. If you send a brief thank-you note via email, you can reinforce your interest in the position. If a decision is not communicated from an employer within a reasonable time period (the time frame mentioned during your interview) call again and inquire about the hiring decision.
  • If you are not selected for a position, do not get discouraged. The reason for not being selected for a position may be as simple as not being available during the time needed. Review the job search and interviewing tips in this guide and think about ways to improve your approach.
  • Stay positive in your job search. Keep checking the employment opportunities page – jobs are posted throughout the year.
  • If you would like assistance with your job search and/or interviewing skills, schedule an appointment with the Student Employment Coordinator by calling 406-756-3960.

Developing Job Skills

  • Regardless of what job you hold, you are developing skills that can apply to your future career goals. Each job offers an opportunity to build career-related experience and to discover new skills and interests.
  • Accepting a job involves commitment. Before accepting a job offer, make sure that you are willing to accept the responsibility and that you have the time and interest to perform the job successfully.

First Day of Work & Required Paperwork

You have applied online to a student position, secured an interview with the hiring manager and after much anticipation, you receive information from the hiring department that you are hired for the job. The following are steps to finalize your student employee file prior to your first day of work. You may not begin work until the following has been completed:

  • Confirm your start date with your hiring manager and your manager will complete the Student/Work Study/Temp New Hire Authorization form online.
  • Fill out the Student New Hire Packet and contact Human Resources to schedule a time to complete the new hire process prior to your start date.
    • Bring your Student New Hire Packet documents and your Student Contract that has been filled out by you and your supervisor
    • You will need to bring original and unexpired document(s) from this list to satisfy the Form I-9 requirements.