Leave of Absence


Bereavement – Paid bereavement leave shall be granted for the death or funeral attendance for an immediate family member (spouse, dependents, parents, grandparents, siblings, and the same relatives of the employee’s spouse in like degree). Other individuals may be included with prior approval of the President

Family Medical Leave Act

Flex Time – Flex time may be granted with approval of the supervisor and President or designee.

Jury Duty/Subpoena – Jury duty or compliance with a subpoena is an authorized leave. The employee has the option to take annual leave and retain all fees and allowances received, or to take her or his regular pay and remit any fees to the College. Link to Payroll

Leave Without Pay –
1. Leave without pay may be granted for a maximum of one calendar year upon approval of the President. Annual leave or sick leave, if applicable, must be exhausted prior to taking leave without pay. Employees on unpaid leave are not eligible for holiday pay and may use college property only if approved by the President.

2. Public service leave without pay may be granted to an employee appointed or elected to public office for a maximum of 180 days per year. An employee granted such leave shall return to work within ten (10) days of completion of the public service unless they are unable to do so because of illness or disabling injury certified to by a licensed physician.

3. Maternity/Paternity leave without pay may be granted for a maximum of one calendar year to any employee unable to perform employment duties as a result of pregnancy, post pregnancy complications, or other essential parenting responsibilities. Sick leave, if applicable and annual leave must be exhausted prior to taking maternity/paternity leave.

Military Leave – An employee who is a member of the organized militia of this state or who is a member of the organized or unorganized reserve corps or military forces of the United States, and who has been an employee for a period of six months, shall be given leave of absence with pay for a period of time not to exceed fifteen (15) working days in a calendar year for attending regular encampments, training cruises, and similar training programs of the organized militia of the military forces of the United States. Such leave of absence shall not be charged against any other leave credit earned by the employee. (10-1-604 M.C.A.)

Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick and Compensatory Time)

Professional Development Leave

  1. Professional development leave is available to all full-time exempt, professional, and administrative employees who have completed six (6) consecutive years of employment.
  2. Failure to return to the College from a professional development leave requires the employee to reimburse the College for all salary paid while on leave.
  3. Employees returning from professional development leave shall be given reinstated to their former or an equivalent position.

Unapproved Leave
Unapproved leaves constitute unauthorized absence from assigned duties. The College will be reimbursed for an unauthorized absence by deducting the appropriate amount from the employee’s pay. An unapproved absence will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Workers Compensation
In the event of a job-related injury a report shall be completed and submitted to Human Resources within 24 hours.  An employee has the option of taking either sick leave or workers compensation payments, but not both.  If sick leave exhausts, the employee may receive workers compensation insurance payments.   Employees returning to work after a job related injury shall provide a work release statement to Human Resources from the attending physician.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the employee has been approved to return to work.