Flexible Spending Account

The Montana University System Flexible Spending Account plan is administered by WageWorks, Inc.

Flexible Spending Accounts allow the use of pre-tax dollars for reimbursement for eligible out-of-pocket medical or child care expenses. You must elect amounts to be withheld from your earnings each year during annual enrollment.

Flexible Spending Account Information 

FSA Account Types Annual Amount Qualifying Expense Examples
Health Care FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $2,750
Medical expenses, including but not limited to, deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and Rx expenses
Limited-Purpose FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $2,750
Dental and Vision expenses only, including but not limited to, dental exams, dentures, contacts, eyeglass frames and lenses.
Dependent Care FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $5,000
Costs for day care provided to your child(ren) under age 13, or other dependents unable to care for themselves, and necessary for you to remain gainfully employed.