Flexible Spending Account

The Montana University System Flexible Spending Account plan is administered by WageWorks, Inc.

Flexible Spending Accounts allow the use of pre-tax dollars for reimbursement for eligible out-of-pocket medical or child care expenses. You must elect amounts to be withheld from your earnings each year during annual enrollment.

Flexible Spending Account Information 

FSA Account Types Annual Amount Qualifying Expense Examples
Health Care FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $2,750
Medical expenses, including but not limited to, deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and Rx expenses
Limited-Purpose FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $2,750
Dental and Vision expenses only, including but not limited to, dental exams, dentures, contacts, eyeglass frames and lenses.
Dependent Care FSA Minimum: $120
Maximum: $5,000
Costs for day care provided to your child(ren) under age 13, or other dependents unable to care for themselves, and necessary for you to remain gainfully employed.

Wellness Programs

Please visit the Montana University System Wellness website for more information on our inclusive menu of Wellness Programs.

Here is a list of what you might encounter on your Wellness Journey with MUS.

  • Life Style Management Programs -Take Control-
    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Cholesterol
    • Weight Loss
    • Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes
    • Tobacco Cessation
  • Lifestyle Education and Support
    • WellBaby
    • Ergonomics
    • Solid Finance Series
  • WellCheck Health Screenings
  • Flu Shots – Are offered free to health insurance members during the Fall WellCheck event annually.
  • Wellness Webinars and Workshops
  • Incentive Program

The Wellness Letter Archive

January 2019


State Retirement Plans

The College participates in either the Montana Public or Teachers Retirement Systems for employees. Contribution rates are set by the state of Montana. It takes five years to become fully vested. 

Flathead Valley Community College does not participate in Social Security as part of the Windfall Elimination Provision.

Optional Retirement Plans

Whitepeak Wealth Management with DA Davidson is a partner resource for our employees retirement planning.

The college provides up to a 7% employer match in 403(b) funds. There is a one year vesting period

Contact Laura to set up an appointment today!

Whitepeak Wealth Management
Laura White
P: 406-752-6212
F: 406-257-7401

Leave of Absence

Bereavement – Paid bereavement leave shall be granted for the death or funeral attendance for an immediate family member (spouse, dependents, parents, grandparents, siblings, and the same relatives of the employee’s spouse in like degree). Other individuals may be included with prior approval of the President

Family Medical Leave Act

Flex Time – Flex time may be granted with approval of the supervisor and President or designee.

Jury Duty/Subpoena – Jury duty or compliance with a subpoena is an authorized leave. The employee has the option to take annual leave and retain all fees and allowances received, or to take her or his regular pay and remit any fees to the College. Link to Payroll

Leave Without Pay –
1. Leave without pay may be granted for a maximum of one calendar year upon approval of the President. Annual leave or sick leave, if applicable, must be exhausted prior to taking leave without pay. Employees on unpaid leave are not eligible for holiday pay and may use college property only if approved by the President.

2. Public service leave without pay may be granted to an employee appointed or elected to public office for a maximum of 180 days per year. An employee granted such leave shall return to work within ten (10) days of completion of the public service unless they are unable to do so because of illness or disabling injury certified to by a licensed physician.

3. Maternity/Paternity leave without pay may be granted for a maximum of one calendar year to any employee unable to perform employment duties as a result of pregnancy, post pregnancy complications, or other essential parenting responsibilities. Sick leave, if applicable and annual leave must be exhausted prior to taking maternity/paternity leave.

Military Leave – An employee who is a member of the organized militia of this state or who is a member of the organized or unorganized reserve corps or military forces of the United States, and who has been an employee for a period of six months, shall be given leave of absence with pay for a period of time not to exceed fifteen (15) working days in a calendar year for attending regular encampments, training cruises, and similar training programs of the organized militia of the military forces of the United States. Such leave of absence shall not be charged against any other leave credit earned by the employee. (10-1-604 M.C.A.)

Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick and Compensatory Time)

Professional Development Leave

  1. Professional development leave is available to all full-time exempt, professional, and administrative employees who have completed six (6) consecutive years of employment.
  2. Failure to return to the College from a professional development leave requires the employee to reimburse the College for all salary paid while on leave.
  3. Employees returning from professional development leave shall be given reinstated to their former or an equivalent position.

Unapproved Leave
Unapproved leaves constitute unauthorized absence from assigned duties. The College will be reimbursed for an unauthorized absence by deducting the appropriate amount from the employee’s pay. An unapproved absence will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

Workers Compensation
In the event of a job-related injury a report shall be completed and submitted to Human Resources within 24 hours.  An employee has the option of taking either sick leave or workers compensation payments, but not both.  If sick leave exhausts, the employee may receive workers compensation insurance payments.   Employees returning to work after a job related injury shall provide a work release statement to Human Resources from the attending physician.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the employee has been approved to return to work.

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers are available to eligible Classified, Administrator, Faculty, Professional, and Adjunct employees to:

  • Enroll in FVCC college courses
  • Participate in development and training programs
  • Attend relevant conferences, seminars and workshops


Administrator, Faculty and Professional Employees Tuition Waivers Guidelines

  • Tuition for Flathead Valley Community College credit courses will be waived for regular employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week.  Associated fees will not be waived.
  • Tuition for Flathead Valley Community College continuing education classes, with sufficient enrollment to cover costs, will be waived.  Tuition waivers for continuing education classes do not include workshops or seminars.  Associated class fees will not be waived.
  • Work-related classes may be taken during the employee’s work schedule with prior supervisor approval.
  • Non-work related classes may be taken, with prior supervisor approval, during scheduled work time, but the release time must be made up within the week granted.
  • Tuition waivers for a maximum of two dependents per employee shall also be granted as specified above in 1 and 2.

Classified Employees Tuition Waiver Guidelines

  • Classified employees may enroll in credit courses at the College tuition free, provided such classes do not conflict with the Employee’s work responsibilities.
  • Any Employee covered by the Classified CBA and two of their dependents (spouse, children and others if defined as dependents by IRS regulations) may enroll in regular classes at the College tuition free.  Only the lab fees shall be paid by the Employee.
  • Any Employee covered by the Classified CBA and two of their dependents may also enroll tuition free in designated Continuing Education classes or workshops.  Designated classes or workshops are those which the Continuing Education Center has determined can remain self-supporting with tuition-free students participating.  The service charge and any lab fees will not be waived.
  • In any case, no more than two dependents, as defined in this section, may enroll, tuition free, in any regular or Continuing Education classes at the same time.
  • An Employee may be granted release time to take classes, conferences, or workshops during their working hours provided these activities are directly related to the Employee’s work assignment.  This determination shall be made by the Employee’s direct supervisor, appropriate administrator, and the Human Resources Director or her/his designee.

Adjunct Faculty Employees Tuition Waiver Guidelines

  • Adjunct employees are eligible for a tuition waiver equal to the amount of credits taught during the current semester. Employees may choose to either use the waiver or delegate it to a spouse or dependent (IRS definition) to be used during the current semester or the immediately following semester. Credits are not accumulative, may not be split, and can be used only by one student per semester. Tuition is waived on a space available basis after all other paying students have had an opportunity to register providing said courses do not conflict with academic responsibilities. Building fees, lab fees and mandatory course fees cannot be waived. Non‐credit waivers are determined by Continuing Education
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