Fall Wellness Workshops

Fall Well Check is just right around the corner!

Neal Andrews will be on campus providing Wellness Workshops. Remember that you can receive 20 incentive points for attending the Wellness Workshops.


What Should I do at the Gym?
10/31, 12pm-1pm, AT204
Do you ever feel intimidated, lost, or unsure of what to do at the gym? Do you wonder how many sets and reps to do? Or which exercises to choose? This practical, lecture-style workshop will offer general guidelines of basic resistance training, including plenty of room for Q & A.


Training for Skiing
11/1, 12pm-1pm, LRC123B
We all know that skiing is fun, and it’s also fantastic for our health. Whether you prefer downhill, backcountry, or cross-country, there are many strength and conditioning exercises that can help you have your best season ever on the slopes or trails. During this workshop, participants will learn sport-specific exercises to incorporate into an exercise program in preparation for an outstanding ski season!

Benefits Annual Enrollment

Welcome to Annual Enrollment for FY 19 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019)

Annual Enrollment will be open beginning on April 11 and will close on April 27.

Active Employees

Annual Enrollment
-Linked is a step-by-step screen shot process for registration/accessing your enrollment portal.

Annual Enrollment Workbook
-Find out the ins-&-outs of our plans. You will find coverage levels, rates, and contact information here.

MUS Choices Home Page
-Montana University System Home Page is a great resource

Things to Know: 

  • Health Plan If you are not making any changes to your health plan enrollments, you will not need to re-enroll!  The College’s contribution remains $1,054 per month and rate changes are primarily in Allegiance Managed Care and Retirees.   Participants who wish to make changes will enroll online at https://www.askallegiance.com/mus/ using the Enrollment Wizard
  • Flexible Spending – You must annually enroll to elect flexible spending.  Enrollment is online at https://www.askallegiance.com/mus/ using the Enrollment Wizard.
  • Optional Life – If you have made a selection that requires Evidence of Insurability, your changes will not be effective and rates will not be changed until we have been notified by the Standard for approval.
    • You can find the EOI online form HERE!


Spring Wellness Workshops


Wellness Workshops

Under Pressure–Return of the Pressure Cooker!

Tuesday, 3/7, noon, AT 204

Early versions of pressure cookers earned a reputation for being dangerous and unpredictable. Pressure cookers now, however, are very safe & easy to use. During this workshop, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of pressure cooking, and find out how to prepare delicious dishes in a flash using this useful piece of kitchen equipment; saving time, energy, and nutrients! Taste samples included.  Register online at https://kalipressure.eventbrite.com


Strong Back, Healthy Back

Wednesday, 3/8, noon, AT 139

80% of Americans will report lower back pain at some point in their lives. In this workshop we’ll teach strength and mobility exercises focusing on the back and hips. We’ll also talk about proper movement patterns and strategies that will take some stress off your back—literally. Come dressed to move!


Direct Deposit?..Go Paperless

You’ve signed up for Direct Deposit, Congratulations! What now?

Go Paperless!

Help us reduce costs and keep your confidential information secure by electing to receive your pay statement electronically instead!  In ADP go to Myself>Pay>Pay Statements and choose “Go Paperless”.  Pay information is available for viewing and/or printing anytime via your personal ADP account!


Emeritus Nomination

All Employees:

Each year the opportunity comes to nominate former faculty or administrators for Emerita/Emeritus recognition in accordance with Board Policy.  If you wish to nominate a qualified individual, please complete the attached nomination form, attach the required documentation, and return the nomination to the Human Resources office by January 6, 2017.

Following are the eligibility requirements for nomination.


  1. Recommendation for emerita/emeritus status shall be made upon retirement from Flathead Valley Community College or up to three years thereafter.
  2. The individual must have been a full-time employee of FVCC.
  3. The individual must have a minimum of fifteen years of full-time service at Flathead Valley Community College.
  4. The individual must have made meritorious and significant contributions to Flathead Valley Community College
  5. The individual shall have maintained the highest ethical standards in relationships with students, colleagues and superiors.
  6. Any individual otherwise eligible for emerita/emeritus status, but who has had to resign because of illness or some other factor beyond his/her control shall be eligible for this honorary designation.
  7. Under extraordinary circumstances, individuals with less than fifteen years full-time service at Flathead Valley Community College may also be nominated for emerita/emeritus status.


Please feel free to contact Karen Glasser, Executive Director of Human Resources, with any questions or for assistance.

Emeritus Nomination Form 

HR Update 9/20/16

Directions for Mary

Logging In

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Password created is
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Go to “Media Library” in the Dashboard

In the Search bar on the top right corner type a keyword in the form you are looking for

Select the correct form once they filter

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Fillable PDF format is the most ideal type of format

Keep the format the same when replacing file (Ex: If the old form is .doc replace with .doc or if the old file was .pdf replace with .pdf)

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Fair Labor Standards Act

Increased Overtime Threshold

On December 1, 2016, The Department of Labor’s final rule will extend overtime protection to any employee making less than $47,476 per year, with some job exceptions, such as faculty, adjunct faculty, academic advisors, administrators, and IT.  This means that any employee earning less than this salary will be a non-exempt employee and eligible for overtime pay.  

FVCC’s staff who are exempt and earning less than $47,476 as of July 1, 2016 will be transitioned to non-exempt status on either July 1, 2016 or December 1, 2016 to comply with the new FLSA rules regarding overtime pay. Impacted employees will be notified of the change to their status in late June. 

The goal of the College is to ensure employees understand how the FLSA changes impacts us all.  The following resources are to assist employees and supervisors become acquainted with the changes. 

The purpose of this DOL’s decision regarding overtime eligibility is to: 

  • Encourage employers to hire more employees rather than pay overtime premiums
  • Provide more income to middle class employees, resulting in economic growth
  • Increase payroll tax contributions to Social Security and Medicare

If you would like additional information regarding FLSA, please visit one of the following websites:

Call HR with questions at 756-3841 or Email us at hr@fvcc.edu

Frequently Asked Questions: FLSA Changes for FY2017


What is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the federal wage and hour law administered by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). It impacts employees in both private and public sectors by establishing minimum wage, overtime pay, and other wage and hour regulations. Employees are either exempt or non-exempt from the FLSA regulations.

What does it currently mean to be exempt or non-exempt?

Exempt employees are excluded from the overtime requirements. Non-exempt employees are paid overtime for time worked in excess of 40 hours in any workweek. For an employee to be classified as exempt, he/she must meet the following three tests:

  • Salary Basis Test: An employee must receive a predetermined, fixed salary that is not subject to reduction due to variations in quality or quantity of work performed;
  • Minimum Salary Test: An employee must be paid a salary minimum that is currently $23,660 per year ($455 per week); and
  • Duties Test: An employee must qualify as an executive, administrative, professional, or computer professional (as specifically defined by the FLSA)

What is changing?

The DOL has issued a final rule that raises the minimum salary for an employee to be designated as exempt from $23,660 per year ($455 per week) to $47,476 per year ($913 per week).

When will these changes become effective?

The deadline for compliance is December 1, 2016.

Are faculty excluded from these changes?

Yes. Under the FLSA, employees are not subject to the salary minimum if their primary duty is teaching, tutoring, instructing, or lecturing, and if they are employed and engaged in this activity as a teacher in an educational establishment.


Can I continue to be an exempt employee by opting out of this change?

No. The exemption criteria are federal law. An employee and employer cannot agree to waive any of the law’s requirements.

How do I track my work hours?

All hours are tracked in ADP.  To view a quick video of how to use ADP’s Time & Attendance system please follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to ADP by going to www.workforcenow.adp.com
  2. Click on the Support icon towards the top right of the screen
  3. Under Learning Resources click on ADP Workforce Now Time & Attendance Training
  4. Under Employee Self Service click on Time & Attendance Learning Bytes for Employees
  5. Click on Recording Your Total Hours on Your Timecard to view the video

How do I record time off on my timecard?

All time off request should still be submitted as they have been in the past.  Those requests will then automatically populate on your timecard.  If you need to make an adjustment after a request has been submitted, you need to do that through the time off request and it will again flow to your timecard.

Do I need to enter a pay code in ADP when I enter my hours?

Yes. Please ensure that every line that has hours entered also has the pay code of PROFESSIONAL. The system does not like zeros so leave non work days’ blank.

Will switching from exempt to non-exempt impact an employee’s leave or retirement benefits?

No. This regulatory change will not change an employee’s leave accrual or retirement plan participation.

As a non-exempt employee, can I still work early or late? Can I check emails from home?

Non-exempt employees must make arrangements and obtain approval from their supervisor to work beyond 40 hours in a work week, work from home, or to change their daily schedules to different hours. All time worked must be accounted for and recorded in ADP. All overtime and any alternative work arrangements must be approved in advance by the employee’s direct supervisor.

How is overtime calculated?

All hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek will be paid at one and one half times the employees regular rate of pay. ADP will automatically calculate overtime based off of what is entered on your timecard.  With mutual agreement with your supervisor, you may request compensatory time in lieu of being paid overtime wages.  To request compensatory time please record hours worked in excess of 40 hours under the pay code COMP EARN.

I’m currently non-exempt and tracking my work hours and recording my work time. How will this change in regulations affect me?

You will not be impacted by the changes in FLSA regulations.