Benefits Annual Enrollment

Welcome to Annual Enrollment for FY 19 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019)

Annual Enrollment will be open beginning on April 11 and will close on April 27.

Active Employees

Annual Enrollment
-Linked is a step-by-step screen shot process for registration/accessing your enrollment portal.

Annual Enrollment Workbook
-Find out the ins-&-outs of our plans. You will find coverage levels, rates, and contact information here.

MUS Choices Home Page
-Montana University System Home Page is a great resource

Things to Know: 

  • Health Plan If you are not making any changes to your health plan enrollments, you will not need to re-enroll!  The College’s contribution remains $1,054 per month and rate changes are primarily in Allegiance Managed Care and Retirees.   Participants who wish to make changes will enroll online at using the Enrollment Wizard
  • Flexible Spending – You must annually enroll to elect flexible spending.  Enrollment is online at using the Enrollment Wizard.
  • Optional Life – If you have made a selection that requires Evidence of Insurability, your changes will not be effective and rates will not be changed until we have been notified by the Standard for approval.
    • You can find the EOI online form HERE!