Emeritus Nomination

All Employees:

Each year the opportunity comes to nominate former faculty or administrators for Emerita/Emeritus recognition in accordance with Board Policy.  If you wish to nominate a qualified individual, please complete the attached nomination form, attach the required documentation, and return the nomination to the Human Resources office by January 6, 2017.

Following are the eligibility requirements for nomination.


  1. Recommendation for emerita/emeritus status shall be made upon retirement from Flathead Valley Community College or up to three years thereafter.
  2. The individual must have been a full-time employee of FVCC.
  3. The individual must have a minimum of fifteen years of full-time service at Flathead Valley Community College.
  4. The individual must have made meritorious and significant contributions to Flathead Valley Community College
  5. The individual shall have maintained the highest ethical standards in relationships with students, colleagues and superiors.
  6. Any individual otherwise eligible for emerita/emeritus status, but who has had to resign because of illness or some other factor beyond his/her control shall be eligible for this honorary designation.
  7. Under extraordinary circumstances, individuals with less than fifteen years full-time service at Flathead Valley Community College may also be nominated for emerita/emeritus status.


Please feel free to contact Karen Glasser, Executive Director of Human Resources, with any questions or for assistance.

Emeritus Nomination Form