HR Update 9/20/16

Directions for Mary

Logging In

Go to to log in

Password created is
Replacing existing forms:

Go to “Media Library” in the Dashboard

In the Search bar on the top right corner type a keyword in the form you are looking for

Select the correct form once they filter

Click the button “Upload New Media File”

Click the button “Choose File” and

keep the “Just replace the file” radio button selected

Click “Upload” button
A few notes:

Fillable PDF format is the most ideal type of format

Keep the format the same when replacing file (Ex: If the old form is .doc replace with .doc or if the old file was .pdf replace with .pdf)

This process updates the file anywhere it is linked, which is great because there are a ton of links within HR documents.
Updating Homepage Links

Check for Adobe Acrobat