Supervisor Steps

Fall of 2016, student employment was consolidated in Human Resources for “One-Stop Shopping”.  This has made it easier for students to look for employment, complete applications, receive assistance with job search materials, and sign up for payroll in one central location.  As a result of this new streamlined and consistent process, supervisors are able to hire student AND temporary employees easily and quickly.

In the past, supervisors needing to hire temporary employees were required to complete a multi-page paper Employment Requisition (E.R.) form and obtain three to four signatures approving their request.  This new process allows supervisors to save time and hire more quickly because the requisition form is completed on-line and approving signatures are no longer required.

Supervisors follow the Supervisor Steps listed below regardless whether they want to hire a student or a temporary employee.


Supervisor Steps


  1. Complete Student and Temporary Employee Requisition and email to: Copy and paste information from job description templates into the fields on the requisition form
  2. Once requisition is approved, job is posted on the Temporary & Student Jobs tab on the Jobs at FVCC page
  3. Review applications in ADP and select candidates to interview and hire
  4. Complete Student/Temp New Hire & Termination Authorization, and then offer job to student and temporary candidate
  5. Direct students and temporary new hires to complete New Hire Packet, and then to HR to complete the new hire process
  6. Once student and temporary employee completes the new hire process, HR will notify supervisor via email that the new employee is ready to work*

*NOTE:  No new employees may work until they’ve completed the new hire process—AND—if employee is Work Study eligible, student and supervisor must sign the Financial Aid Contract and return it to Financial Aid staff!


Our goal is to help students gain real job experience, become vested in their work, improve their retention in work and school, and help them gain valuable skills and experiences from FVCC, which will help them succeed in the future.  Be aware that Financial Aid continues to award and monitor financial aid funds and Career Services continues to assist with internships and employment after college.


If you have any questions, please contact:


Denise Grabowski, PHR, SHRM-CP

Student Employment Coordinator and Human Resources Partner, Employment

Human Resources Department

Blake Hall, Room 151

(406) 756-3960