Applying for Jobs

We are excited to announce a new online application and employment site, hosted by ADP. It’s a more efficient way to apply to Flathead Valley Community College.

Current Job Opportunities

Benefits Include:

  • Increased accessibility to the application and its status by both the job seeker and hiring department.
  • Immediate ability to view applications and resumes by the hiring department and Human Resources
  • Ability to track status of applications
  • Applicants can receive email updates about their application
  • Ability to add job specific qualifiers or disqualifiers to make the selection process easier
  • Applicants can make a password-protected user account they can maintain and update • Applicants can search and apply for positions anytime. Resumes, cover letters and samples of work can easily be attached
  • Less use of paper and other resources

Use Flathead Valley Community College’s Employment Site to Apply in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Go Online. View Flathead Valley Community College’s Employment site by going to
  2. Create a Profile. Create a profile that can be used to apply for open positions. Enter a unique username and password of your choosing.
  3. Search for Job. Search all current Students openings
  4. Apply for Jobs. Apply for any job for which you meet the minimum qualifications. You may be asked several questions and will have the ability to add a resume, cover letter, or other supporting materials. Please note: if you do not receive a confirmation email, your application is not complete and was not submitted and you will need to resubmit it.
  5. Manage Jobs. Check the status of all jobs for which you have applied.